When Size Really Matters!

What does the person that has everything need to seperate themselves from the rest of us to?  How about your very own IMAX home theater system.  That’s right an IMAX theater in your home.  At $2,000,000 I am confident most of us won’t be watching Monday Night Football on one of these any time soon.

Soon, homeowners will have the option to watch everything from baseball games to movies to reality TV shows on a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall screen. The price tag: $2 million.

IMAX Corp., known for its immersive towering movie screens, is now launching a private home-theater system.

How big is the market for a $2 million home theater? “With this, we are targeting a new group.” says IMAX Chief Executive Rich Gelfond. “People with this kind of wealth aren’t going to the movies.”


  1. Wall to Wall Screen! Sounds awesome! But you will need to have fairly large room to have one of these.

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