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Vahalla Lodge property auction



Vahalla lodge auctionIn ancient Norse Mythology Valhalla is a majestic place where chosen warriors slain in battle go to spend eternity.  Pictures of great Viking Warriors race through the mind when one thinks of the special place nestled away where only the few chosen can enter. On September 26 such a place is within reach of the chosen few who decide to bid on Valhalla Lodge in Northern Michigan.

Like the Valhalla of Norse Ledgend, Valhalla Lodge is only for the chosen few.  Nestled in Northern Michigan less than a 3 hour drive fromDetroit, Valhalla is an outdoors men’s paradise.  World class hunting and fishing abound, framed by the nature beauty that is synomous with Northern Michigan, this is truly a property most can only dream about.

Although hunting and fishing are the main attraction, every imaginable outdoor activity is available.  Hiking, horseback riding, and boating are all available in the warmer months.  As the days grow shorter, cross country skiing, snowmobile riding, and sleigh rides dominate the winter months.  The options are endless.

Not to be outmatched by mother nature, the man made splendor bgins with the lodge itself.  The nature stone and wood construction blend perfectly with the outdoors.  The 12,000 square foot main lodge is constructed using a timber truss system. Giagantic Douglas Fir is combined with stone columns to create an arcitectural  masterpiece.  Not wanting to forget the people that make this place so wonderful, a 3,200 sqare foot property managers residence offers all the convenience and comfort one would expect in any luxury residence.

With over 800 acres, Valhalla is one of the great hunting and fishing camps in the world. A deer management program has ensured the world class White Tail are the rule not the exception. Herds of Elk roam the property.  The 4 lakes offer monster big mouth bass and northern pike as well as an abundance of pan fish.  The property boasts a 25 station shooting range, the 2 barns currently designed for storage can be easily converted to house horses, and a private airport is located a mere 25 miles away.

Every now and then something resembling mytholodgy becomes reality, your chance to own this magical place goes away on September 26th.  To learn more simply click here.


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