Top Ten Observations of Week 1 2017

Jeff Castner's Top Ten ListA new year brings a whole new set of experiences and a new set of observations.

10) Connecting with Family during the Holidays is always the best part, I need to make sure it isn’t a once a year event.

9) Steubenville OH has the best Pizza in the world bar none.

8) Flying with Kids, specifically a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old is always an adventure and promises no dull moments

7) Garretts Popcorn makes the trip a little less adventurous.

6) Why does it take hours to get the house ready for Christmas but minutes to take it down, seems like a lot of work for a few weeks.

5) Getting back to work after the Holiday is never easy.

4) Resolutions are interesting things, 41% of Americans make them and 42% never keep their resolutions.

3) It always seems colder after the Holidays.

2) Speaking of cold, I’ve determined that butt cold is 13 Fahrenheit

1) The optimism of the New Year is always refreshing. Here’s to making 2017 the best.

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