Top 10 Observations of the Week

Top 101) 46 is way too young to die…Rest in Peace Mikhail Kahlil.  Would love to turn back the hands of time and hang out at Papa Joe’s, Mean Mr. Mustards, The Char Bar, Spring Break, and Mother Fletchers with you one more time.

2) A week with an unexpected death makes one think a lot about life, and I think the Stephen Stills got it all wrong when they said “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with“.  It should be, “if you can’t be with the one you love, call the one you love and make sure they know you love them”.

3) Calling a old friend who you haven’t talked to in over 20 years is never a waste of time.

4) No matter your stage in life the Big One is the Big One.  Whether it’s the sixth grade girls big school vs. small school basketball championship or the Super Bowl the Big One is the Big One.

5) The biggest problem with children’s sporting events are the adults.

6) Seats on airplanes shouldn’t recline.

7) When you get in late and really just want something to eat and Dominos Pizza is the only option, you might just be better off going hungry.

8) Smart people say and post really dumb stuff on Facebook, remember everything you read on the internet isn’t true.

9) Hampton Inn is Hilton’s best brand.  Clean, consistent, and relatively inexpensive.

10) Jimmy Fallon is really funny.

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