Top 10 Observations of the Week ending May 1, 2015

shutterstock_253179931Travel dominates this week’s top ten list, here we go:

1) Have you ever noticed that the number of small pets a woman carries through the airport is directly proportional to her waist size?

2) There is something very un-American about an airline called American when they don’t serve Bourbon on their flights – especially during the week of the Kentucky Derby

3) Have you ever noticed that the guy who never takes the Bluetooth out of his ear, especially in a bar or on a plane, is usually a douche bag.

4) Washington D.C. never gets old

5) Austin, TX never gets old, especially Dirty 6th Street.  The Kick’in Chicken!

6) The quality of a Steak in not always proportional to the price paid.

7) Going to dinner with people who you wouldn’t normally go to dinner with is almost always a great experience.

8) Watching the above mentioned people order Fried Duck Hearts and Bone Marrow as an appetizer only makes the experience better.  Then seeing them dig the bone marrow out of the bone and eat it with their hands is the icing on the cake.

9) Live music is always better than a jukebox.

10) The only thing better than Uber is Uber X


BONUS – Comment of the week:

“That guy has the bedside manner of Genghis Khan and the other guy is all Rainbows and Unicorns, and I don’t want a Unicorn horn in my ass!”


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