Top 10 Observations of the Week

Top 101) How in the Hell can a Steak House run out of Ribeye Steaks?  Shame on you III Forks

2) The winter of 2013 – 2014 is killing me.  If I never hear the words Polar Vortex, and accumulating snow again it will be too soon.

3) A week without traveling is something I should do more often.  Nothing is better than waking up next to your wife and having her ask you to lay back down so you can cuddle for a few more minutes.

4) Dexter the cat makes a great scapegoat for a number of household messes, however he is often the cause.

5) Doing expense reports really sucks.

6) Who knew there was a group of Breast Feeding Enthusiasts known as Lactivists and the movement is known as Lactivism.

7) Diet Pepsi isn’t Diet Coke…I want, no I need me some Diet Coke.

8) I think Frank Underwood should hire Olivia Pope.

9) I am all for Capitalism, however the fact that the richest 85 people in the world have more wealth than the poorest 3,000,000,000 is very disturbing.  More concerning for the middle class is that the top 1% of captured 95% of the post financial collapse growth while the bottom 90% became poorer.

10) A home made Bacon, Egg, & Cheese sandwich might be the best breakfast ever, think my wife will get the hint. 🙂


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