Top 10 Observations for the Week Ending April 17th 2015

shutterstock_229543849My top ten observations of the week.  From interesting to bizarre, from funny to sad here we go:

1) Not sure if the guy passing out LA Fitness flyers at the McDonald’s drive through is a genius or an idiot.

2) Seats in the back of an airplane should come with a warning label about the fumes that my come from the airplane lavatory.

3) Has any noticed that the quality of an airport shoe shine guy is directly proportional to the persons age.  They young guys just can’t shine shoes.

4) Speaking of shoe shines, why is it that 50% of the time the shoe shine stands are unmanned.  Very frustrating.

5) A 3.5 hour flight is much more tolerable when you have 3.5 hours of Neil Young on iTunes.  Bruce Berry was a working man…He used to load that Econoline.

6) The older I get the more thankful I am for the forgot password button on most websites.

7) Why do airlines post an upgrade list when there are no upgrades available, seems kind of cruel especially when you are number 1 on the list.

8) Favorite new word of the week Askhole – someone who asks many stupid, pointless or obnoxious questions.  And yes regardless of what your grammar school teachers said there are stupid, pointless and obnoxious questions.

9) Fake eggs might be the worst thing mankind has invented, they should be outlawed.

10) The only comforting thing about a 3.5 hour flight on a friday evening/night knowing the airline doesn’t serve my customary friday night bourbon and diet Coke is knowing that when the flight ends, at the end of the cab ride home, will be my two favorite ladies Veronica & Harper.  Ladies this one’s for you!

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