Top 10 Observations for the Week Ending 4/24/15

Top 10 1) What is it with Canada and Towers? CN Tower in Toronto, The Montreal Tower,   The Calgary Tower and The Vancouver Lookout.

2) Speaking of Towers, have you ever noticed the quality of a restaurant is inversely proportional to it’s elevation.

3) Speaking of Canada, this week some Canadian Soccer Mom threw me the finger…I didn’t know they had it in them.

4) The quality of Vermouth makes all the difference in the world in the quality of a Manhattan.

5) Never under estimate your own generosity when it comes to helping people out that you feel are genuine.

6) It is alway a little disconcerting when you see the airline maintenance crew walking down the aisle with a roll of duct tape.

7) No matter how often it happens a wake up/alarm with a 4 at the front is something you never get used to, and it sucks

8) Have you ever noticed it is pretty easy to determine which medical practice is on which floor by the people that enter the elevator.

9) Is it a little strange when the phlebotomist says let me tie you up so I can find a vein?

10) It is amazing how something the size of a Lima Bean can change your entire perspective on life and the future.





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