The Sights and Sounds of The First Day of Chemo

It is often said, be careful of which you ask for. This may be my case, I was hoping to get into the clinical trail, and if I am honest with my self Chemo is what I wanted to start with, so here I sit in my Chemo Room with Veronica looking at the clock and realizing that I am about 15 minutes away from the end of my first Chemo treatment.

For those who have been through medical no-mans-land hopeful you will find so humor, to those who haven’t hopefully this will enlighten you, as it is often said you never know what another has going on in their life.

So the day starts off with us meeting Michele another program nurse helping us with the trial. Michele takes us to the lab where I am to get some blood drawn. I explain the gentleman that I like to take some picture of him a work and his lab. He quickly explains to me that he has a strict no picture policy and absolutely no picture will be taken. disappointed I do what I can to be a bit difficult (its in my nature so sorry). So he says to me “which are right of left” my response “is which ever arm you find better veins in”. He look at both and says “definitely the left”. I retort with “I am a little shocked as most others go for the left.” After about 5 mins of a tourniquet and making a fist he thinks he has found the vein, he exclaims here a good one. Just before he sticks the needle in my arm I state “you got one shot and one shot only”. He pauses and say you think the right is better? I say I don’t know but most of you colleges do. Then I ask how much do you need? He says only I tube, I suggest he look at my hands that literally look like road maps with so many veins. So we settle on the left hand and out we are in no time.

More talking about the side effects of the drugs. Can’t wait to post my first picture bald, debating on whether I will look more like uncle fester, Mr. Clean or the creepy guy setting on a park bench outside the playground at school. Time is going to tell. The nurse said plan on the hair loss starting in 2 weeks the doctor says 3. So far the nurses guess have been more accurate. My daughter told my wife it would be funny if daddy didn’t have hair and she would laugh. The other side effects are the ones we all know about the nurse said planning a have the flu and feeling like that for a until day 14 after Chemo, on day 15 if all goes according to plan you continue to get better. On day 21 the process starts over again.

Once we discussed for the 100th time the treatment side effects and what is done to counter the side effect it was off to the treatment room.

Meg was my treatment nurse. She quickly became one of my favorites great sense of humor, knew her shit and to a degree put up with my coping mechanism humor. Already scheduled for a long day and running about 30 mins late at this point, we were  ready to get the show on the road. I also explained to Meg that I had deep veins. Not being one to play around Meg wrapped both arms in a heating pad and said I will be right back. Back she was with the Ron-Co 2500 Vein Finder. Just like Ron-Co’s Bass A Matic the Vein Finder lit up the inside of my forearm like the Fourth of July. With in minutes Jeffy was an official Chemo patient and Cancer Fighter.

My treatment was broken in half the first have was loaded with drugs to prevent side effects. One of the great side effects of those drugs was they put me to sleep. The second half of the treatment was also uneventful and once again the old saying 90% of what we worry about doesn’t happen proves true. With the first under the belt can’t wait for number 2.


The Best news of the Day was that Narissa told us the story of a 70 year old man who had the exact same cancer as me, same type, same genitic make up. After 15 months of the trial he is cancer free. God Bless these researchers, Doctors and Nurses they are truly doing special work.






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