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Well I am sure it comes up with every cancer patient. Half of states now permit the use of marijuana for recreational use or medical use. I think the subject comes up with every chemo patient, should marijuana be part of my treatment for side effects. Today the topic came up. I’ve never been a weed guy. But I am open-minded. So as the Doctor and I discussed the topic, he mentioned that he supports the use of edibles and many people find it helps a lot with chemo side effects.

So tonight I started doing some research on the subject. Much to my surprise edible marijuana comes in just about every food group that you can imagine.

After the discussion with the oncologist, Veronica and I decided we are going to apply for the card. Not sure I will use it but I am going to get one.

The process in Illinois seems pretty straight forward and legit. Your doctor has to certify you have a qualifying diagnosis. The patient has to also fill out some paper work and submit to finger printing and a background check. It seems the process takes a couple of weeks.

I get the feeling once I have the card my popularity is going to go through the roof and I will soon be added to the A list of party invites. Still debating on whether or not to get it. The card is $100 per year and an additional $50 if you want your care giver to have it. My guess is insurance doesn’t cover the cost of Medical Marijuana but who knows, it covers the cost of gender reassignment. Kind of funny that at 50 years old I may be joining the tree hugging crowd of edible Marijuana users. Wonder how this could impact my future plans to run for office. My guess, based upon the last few, it won’t hurt at all.

Mom and Dad, please forgive me if I do try it out. Remember the Doctor and care team support it and brought it up.

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