The Best That We Can Do?

1901404_10203544292433207_1419706515_nAnyone that travels for a living knows that traveling is a pain in the ass.  Plain and simple.  With all the technological advances in air travel one thing never ceases to amaze me, how airlines handle bags.

I am a firm believer that there are two kinds of bags in airline terms.  Carry on and Lost.

When flying on a regional jet I am not sure which type I prefer.  If you bag is lost 9 out of 10 times it will be found in short order and the airline will bring the bag to you.  If you carry on, what ensues after the plane lands is simply a battle royal to get your bag as it is dumped on the jet bridge.  Surely there has to be a better way than to line up 50 – 75 people single file and start putting bags on the jet bridge and let survival of the fittest take over.


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