Top 10 States with the Most Expensive Homes

Recently sales numbers were reported by Point2 Homes showing the top ten states in the U.S with the most expensive homes listed for sale this past spring.  This can give you an idea of what the best luxury sales markets are as well.  Point2 Homes considered all residential properties with values of at least a million dollars.


  1. California – They lead the list with over 800,000 homes for sale for over $1 million
  2. New York – The Empire State has 426,202 homes for sale for at least $1 million
  3. Florida – Third on the list with over 225,000 homes for sale at $1 million or higher
  4. Massachusetts – Nearly 100,000 total homes for sale for over $1 million
  5. New Jersey – The East Coast’s dominance continues with nearly 90,000 at this price level
  6. Illinois – The Midwest’s lone entry in the top 10 with just over 75,000 homes for sale for at least $1 million
  7. Texas – The Lone Star state also has just over 75,000 $1 million+ homes for sale
  8. Virginia – Nearly 66,000 $1 million+ homes for sale
  9. Connecticut – Greenwich leads the way in this state that has over 62,000 listings for at least $1 million
  10. Maryland – Nearly 60,000 $1 million+ homes for sale is enough to make the Top 10


Jeff Castner is the Director of Business Development with Concierge Auctions and helps high net worth individuals and real estate brokers sell some of the country’s most prestigious real estate in a timely manner at the highest possible price.  If you have a luxury property that you’re thinking about selling, click here to contact Jeff.









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