Should I Be Concerned?

seriousI’ve literally been to more doctors in the past 10 days than I have seen in my previous 50 years of being on earth. If I don’t find humor in this fact I think I would curl up in a fetal position and just lay in bed and cry. The other not so funny thing, but again I need to find the humor in is the fact that many days start of with blood work. I am amazed at how much freaking blood these people need and to a lesser extent how much urine. I am pretty sure at this point in the process I’ve pissed in more cups than I have toilets. If I didn’t think it would cost me a lot of money, the next urine sample is going to be a diet Mt. Dew, I would love to see those results.

Anyway let’s get to the point here. I am being told Chemo is hard on one’s Kidneys. In order to get the dosing right and to make sure the treatment won’t destroy my Kidneys my oncologist had me meet with a nephrologist.

As the nephrologist, my wife, and I are discussing my Kidney functions, she says “your protein levels are a little high, but I think we need to worry about the more serious diagnosis first, your kidneys will be fine through the treatment.” I look her dead in the eye and say “what is the more serious diagnosis?” She looks a little confused and hesitant then says “a lung cancer diagnosis”. Me doing my best confused patient impersonation look at her again and say “is that serious should I be worried?”.

After a few minutes of silence, she looks at my wife and asks is he always like this?

Well today promises to really peg the fun meter. Blood work at 9:00 AM and then some sort of IV infusion, followed up by tomorrows Chemo 101 class, can’t wait. Until next time –




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