Random Acts of Kindness September 22, 2017

Another week and more amazing stories of kindness and support. This week I am going to mention what I think is a true cancer miracle. As has been my custom I’d like to just list the top 3 or 4 and please understand that there are many more.

Just before meeting with me on Tuesday, Narissa and Dr. Hensing were telling V and I about a 70-year-old patient who was diagnosed with same type of cancer that I was. They went on to explain that not only was it the same type, but it had the exact same genetic make up. Well after 15 months in the trial he is in total remission. He further went on to explain that counting me there are 11 people in the trial in greater Chicagoland and 9 are experiencing very positive results. This is some of the best news a guy could ask for. Even better for me I am on the younger end of the age range and for some reason age seems to be a factor.

So if you have been following along, you know today is a little bit of a rough day. Monkeys One & Two don’t like that fact that there is a third trying to get on the boat. So with that said let me get to it.

Today I got a phone call from an old friend from Steubie U. Bernie Taylor, haven’t run into Bernie since we where both checking into a hotel in Oak Brook, IL a hundred years ago. He was kind a enough to send me some holy oil, holy water and rosary beads. While talking to him he said he had no idea why he was collecting things for the sick but he is glad he was and so am I. Bernie can’t thank you enough you make my day.

I’ve been getting a lot of cards. I love reading the notes inside. This week I got one from again a person I haven’t spoken in years, and he ended the card with “End Left Double Flanker Big Man Right”. Those words don’t mean much to anybody ready this unless you were a Holy Rosary Cougar. End Left Double Flanker Big Man Right was on of our two double special reach deep in the play book when you need a miracle play. Second only to 10 Special. Andrew that has made me laugh for days. Really appreciate the thoughtfulness.

The last one I am going to mention today is an email. Remember my friend Marky, well I was also really good friends with his brother Reg. Reg sent me an email through my blog that really just raced down 30 years of memory lane. It is amazing how after so long pleasant thoughts can come racing back and bring a smile to even the most downtrodden spirit.



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