Random Acts of Kindness September 15, 2017

Ranndom ActsHere we are again, another Friday and time to count all the blessings that have been bestowed on me this past week. This is quickly becoming my favorite thing to write about. This past week has been awesome.

I’m not sure where to start so I will go in the order that things happened, and please note these are just a sampling of the Acts of Kindness, kind of a greatest hits of kindness if you will.

So right after I finish my post last week the mail is delivered. In the mail there is a card from my BrotherOur Lady of Lourdes-In-Law Dave’s mom, Susan. Not only was the card filled with well wishes, it enrolled me in a year’s worth of Masses for Healing to be celebrated at the Sacred Grotto in Lourdes, France. Within the past 7 days I have the Intercession of Our Lady of Lourdes and the Intercession of Saint Peregrine working on my behalf, it’s no wonder I feel pretty good about my odds. Not to mention what I think are the thousands of people praying for me. Again it is very humbling to know all these people really care. As one of my friends pointed out this week, these aren’t the Facebook “thoughts and prayers” these are the real deal.

Next on Sunday a friend of mine, Steve, who is literally busier than a fork at Rosie O’Donnell’s house called and said he’d like to come over. It was a great visit and so appreciated. We didn’t do anything special just sat on the couch and had a couple of beers while shooting the shit but just knowing this guy cares really met a lot to me.

On Wednesday of this week my sister and her husband Dave come up for a couple of days. The help with kids and the general support where amazing.

Last and certainly not least on Thursday morning my sister hands me an envelope. With the following statement “I don’t know who this is from, and I don’t know what’s in the envelope”. She hands me the envelope, and I open it. In it there is no note, no message, just 5 Franklin’s. I quickly start giving my sister the third degree to the point she is in tears swearing up and down she has no idea. The generosity of this mystery person has me floored. Over the past couple of years I’ve donated money to a few “Go Fund Me” campaigns and have done so anonymously. Now that the tables are flipped I can tell you that I will never do that again, for one reason it cheats the recipient of the donation the ability to thank the donor. I hope that eventually the donor will step up and give me the opportunity to thank them. It makes me feel horrible that I can’t do that. Additionally I feel super bad for going after my sister the way I did. Now that this is off my chest I have bigger fish to fry.

Today promises to be interesting, I have my Chemo 101 class. It’s my understanding this is where we talk about what its like to go through the treatment. Also have another infusion, and then hopefully get word that I am in the trial.





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