Random Acts of Kindness October 27, 2017

Well once again the kindness shown to me this week has been awesome.

Anybody that follows me on Facebook knows the highlight of my week. For those that don’t know on Thursday afternoon, my phone rang and on the other end of the line was none other than the Blonde Bomber – Terry Bradshaw. For anybody that grew up near Western PA, Terry is a hero, a super human that lead the best Football team in NFL history to 4 Super Bowl Championships in 6 years.

He couldn’t have been a nicer guy. He was gracious with his time and every bit as funny on the phone as he is on TV. He talked about specific games and singing in Wheeling, WV. Also told me to call him anytime, asked if I minded if he checked in on me once in a while, and committed to going to dinner with my wife and I and my brother and his girl friend once I beat this sucker. I’ve always liked Terry but he has gone way up in my book.

Also need to give a big shout out to Mike Kalin and Hugh O’Hagan for coming through on the helmet liners. I am very confident these will become the latest fashion statement at the Kellogg Cancer Center.

I am also very excited to get the mail today. Saint Renee told me to expect something today and I can’t wait to see what the mail brings. Between Saint Renee and Deacon Kim not sure how I can lose this battle.

Go Bucks!




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