Observations of the Week Ending May 8th 2015

Top 10From Airplanes to Airports, from Lamb Chops to Manhattan’s here are this week’s top 10 Observations:

1) Ever notice that every airplane still has ash trays, but not every plane has a power source or WIFI?

2) You know the quality of your Manhattan is going to be very suspect when the server asks if you want Vermouth and Bitters in your drink.

3) I find it quite funny when the old guys waiting on a cab for 45 minutes tell you you’re nuts for using Uber as your driver pulls up in less than 3 minutes.

4) Well prepared Lamb Chops are always a treat, Dean Fearing thanks for the recommendation!

5) You know the “shit is going to fly” when the airport uses the restrooms as the tornado shelter.

6) It is always great to see a plan come together, congratulations to Sandy Lambright and the team at Concierge for what looks like another one for the record books with the sale of Timber Creek Ranch in Winnsboro, TX.

7) Sharing a 2 hour car ride with a legend in your industry is always a good experience.  The perspective that comes with experience is priceless.  Lesson of the week – never miss an opportunity to speak with someone who has practiced your given trade for over half a century, they know more than you regardless of what you think.

8) Rest in Peace Danny Whitten – “The Needle and The Damage Done

9) When a city has only 14% voter turnout it says a lot.  Either things are fantastic in that city or it needs some major help.  My guess is the later.

10) Working on Mother’s Day weekend is never fun.  Thanks to my wife and daughter for understanding that a short term inconvenience is worth the long term gain.  I love you guys!  Special thanks to my wife V for being a great mom!


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