Scottsdale, AZ June 2016

Below is a snapshot of the Scottsdale, AZ luxury real estate market through June 2016

Price PointCurrent InventoryJune 2016 SalesTotal Sales Thru June 2016Months of Inventory
$10,000,000 & Up400Undefined
$5,000,000 - $9,999,999411441
$3,000,000 - $4,999,9998262314
$2,000,000 - $2,999,99915055630

As demenostrated by the above table the Luxury Market in Scottsdale continues to struggle there hasn’t been a sale north of $8,000,000 since October of 2015. The days on the market in the above chart is considered accurate however days on the market can easily be manipulated by taking properties on and off the market.

In the past 30 Days 21 new properties came on the market (Priced between $2,000,000 and up) with only 12 selling in the same time period.