Let’s Make a Deal!

Let's Make a DealThere are a number of good things that can come from being part of a clinical trial, not the least of which is that one doesn’t have to fight with an insurance company over drugs, often life saving drugs. “They” say that every coin has a flip side and with the good comes some bad, personally I’m not sure there is bad in my being admitted into this trial. The only negative is I may give up a little control in regards to which treatment I start with, in my book that isn’t a bad trade-off. So today I will found out that I am starting with chemotherapy. If I had a say in the matter that’s what  I would choosen. Chemotherapy only because we all know what to expect, the immunotherapy has more unknowns associated with it. Lastly in my mind Chemotherapy is going to suck the most and I want to get that one out-of-the-way.

So with that said, Monty let’s play, Let’s make a deal and I pick what’s behind door number 4!

For those keeping track the study is called Randomized Phase II Trial Evaluation the Optimal Sequencing of PD-1 Inhibition with Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) and Standard Platinum-based Chemotherpy in Patients with Chemotherapy naive stage IV Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. That a mouth full.

As was explained to me prior to being accepted in the trial I have choices:

  1. Have the usual standard of care Chemo
  2. Find a different study
  3. Do nothing and take comfort drugs

Door one is just doing standard Chemo, its proven successful but its like comparing a 2018 BMW to a 1978 BMW not the best choice given the options. Door number 2 assumes there is another study, according to the folks in the know there is not one I am likely to qualify for, so again seems like a long shot. Do nothing although attractive to some seems like a horrible option to me, remember I got young’ins.

So it is door number 4. And the big fight. As I mentioned in my first blog, some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you. Let it be known from this point forward I ain’t waiting for the bear. I coming after the Bear and Armed with everything I can find.

I was informed that we are going to start with Chemo, I am actually happy about that as there are less unknown with Chemo. So today around 11:00 AM we are going to be infused with Taxol and Carboplatin. This routine is going to continue for 12 weeks based on a 21 day cycle, meaning I will have a treatment day then two weeks off then another treatment day. After 2 cycles will we do another chest/lung image and see if it is working. I am confident that I am good hands with Dr. Hensing and his team. Hoping for a good night sleep, armed with my new rosary beads, and my St. Peregrine Prayer Card I am going to check in with confidence and hope.

The fight is on. It’s Jeffy, The Third Monkey, and the Hundreds Praying vs the Demon Bear. The bookies at this point have the line at the Bear -7, I like our odds if I were you I’d bet the Mortgage Payment on Jeffy, The Third Monkey and The Prayer Warriors!

Hopefully I can give a report after the treatment tomorrow. Worst case is I will Wednesday. Thanks for all the love and support!





  1. Screw that Bear!

  2. Jeff, same drugs Janice is getting, 6 rounds of 3 and next week is round 6. They told us everyone reacts differently and they have to tell you all the side effects. Best advice from this chemo buddy: try to stay ahead of the side effects. Take the drugs they give you and don’t try to tough anything out. Write it all down. You will get chemo brain and your chemo buddy can have memory lapses (at least at my age).
    Use your treatment book as a resource and do research on the net for thing like diet, sleep aids etc. We added protein to smoothies, came up with a walking plan for exercise and yes, sometimes a pick me up – like a surprise pedicure (if you choose this one post a picture). In short, address this on all fronts and if you get tired of doing that, give yourself the luxury of having someone do the heavy lifting on everything else.
    You have an army with you on this road. Which reminds me of Jesus on the road to Emmaeus (spelling). Thanks for these posts. You and your family always in my prayers.

  3. Praying for you here in Morgantown, WV 🙏🏻

  4. From your old teacher, I’m betting on you. Besides there are a lot of prayers coming your way.
    You take care and keep fighting.
    Candy Humienny

  5. Jim and I are praying for you every single day and also add you to our rosary every eve. St. Raphael pray for Jeff also.

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