It’s the Day Before Treatment

shutterstock_191677145It’s the Day before the first treatment

And the thoughts running through my head,

Thoughts of Pain and Sickness,

The prayers are being said,

The Hail Mary, The Our Father and even The Glory Be,

All said in hopes that a cure is very near.

Sleep has been a challenge, and exhaustion is setting in.

Doubt and fear are starting to surface, as well as worry and despair.

Another Rosary and the thoughts start to fade, God knows I am not fighting this battle alone.

Masses are being said, and 100’s if not 1000’s are praying,

Just knowing this puts the doubt, the fear, and worry and at bay and clears my head to focus on the task at hand.

It now all gets very real, and that is good because in order to have an end you need a beginning.

So if you get a minute tomorrow please think of Ole Caz and ask God to give him, his wife, and kids a little extra strength to get through.




  1. Our prayers are with you today and for the whole time. Keep the positive attitude. Love, A. Connie

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