Extra Extra – All Good News!

There is something that makes getting good news on Friday especially enjoyable. Not sure what it is but it is certainly special. So today was my first chemo cycle follow-up. This is where we can discuss side effects, reactions, and ask any lingering questions. Most importantly it when the docs really take a look at how the body is handling Chemo. Remember, as I was discussing this with a friend this morning, Chemo is when you not only volunteeringly allow some to hook you up to poison, you pay them, in hopes that said poison will do more damage to cancer cells than to the cells that you need to keep you alive. Well I digress.

So the bottom line is things seem to be moving along as planned.

None of my side effects seem to be causing any major concerns to anybody. My blood work came back better than expected. The calcium levels they had been worried about now seem to be in line. They indicated that my taste should come back over the next couple of days and was encouraged to get calories how ever I could. 🙂

Taking that advice to heart, what is one to do when near Mustard’s Last Stand? Obviously get a brat and a pizza puff. Might not have been the best choice of the day. Oh well the good news before is going to be worth any pain after.

Everyone have a great weekend. Thanks for reading, thanks for praying.

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  1. Keep it kicking Jeffrey!

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