Expectations Day 2 & 3

Oncology has to be a tough field of medicine to practice. Nobody enters the office feeling great about visiting the cancer doctor. Let’s be real most of their patients’ treatments don’t end well, not being negative just real. However every person that is in a sales job should experience an appointment with an Oncologist. Any one that has been in sales for any time knows expectation setting is one of the biggest keys to success. With every meeting with my Doctor, or any of his team, they have been very real about expectations. Believe me they aren’t painting a picture that is all rainbows and unicorns.

As I’ve stated Chemo, it has forced me to come face to face with what was one of the most scary subjects for me. You hear horror stories about it. Everyone indicated that days 2 and 3 post Chemo are supposed to be a couple of the worst. Everyone said day one every thing should be fine, on day 2 & 3 plan on being sick, not your run of the mill sick but sick.

So because of this expectation setting I was prepared to feel like I was on my death-bed today. Much to my surprise I feel pretty damn good today. Maybe not 100% but what the hell I got cancer, not sure 100% is realistic.

Now with all that said, day 3 could be different. My cousin Susie reminds me every time we talk or text that there is only one way to handle cancer and that is one day at a time. So I am putting today in the days I am thankful for column and hopeful that tomorrow will be another win.

By the way some of you may have noticed I changed the header of the Blog to focus more on my fight with cancer than luxury real estate. That truly is my focus now and what I am writing about, quite frankly luxury real estate is somewhere below Michigan Football on the things I care about list. With the help of my friend Jessica she was able to take a picture of St Michael the Archangel basically kicking a bears ass, needless to say the bear is the demon or devil that I am fighting right now. Thanks for the help Jess!


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