Dumb things Overheard or Seen While Traveling

Homer_Simpson_2006I’ve been debating doing this for a while.  I travel on almost a daily basis, literally.  Typically 3 – 5 flights per week and 4 nights in a hotel.  One of the interesting things about traveling so much is I get to experience people, a lot of people.  And as is typical with travel many times these people are frustrated.

Long lines, over crowding, and the general stress of a typical travel day tends to bring out the best in people…NOT.

So I’ve decided to start sharing my experiences.

Today’s dumb thing falls into the over heard category.

While sitting at EWR this afternoon I over heard a couple of co-workers discussing their travels.  Co-worker one says to co-worker two “How was your 7:00 AM flight this morning?”  Co-worker two looks at him and responds, “Which 7:00 AM flight I was on three flights today!”

Now come on -I get that you may have been on three flights but dude only one was at 7:00 AM.  Who do you think you are the Holy Trinity – One person of three 7:00 AM flights at the same time.

Co-worker one obviously agreed with me as his response was “Dumb ass there was only one at 7:00 AM”

The response was “No there were 3”, at this point I shake my head, put the ear phone back in and start listening to a little Tom T Hall.

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