Did You Put Away Your Crayons?

shutterstock_115586239Crayons are funny things, we’ve all used them, and most of us have concluded that they just don’t fit into our lives at some point.  According the Graffiti Artist Erik Wahl we should all still be using are crayons.

As the world quickly changes, creativity is becoming the most precious asset any business can have.  Creativity is the main ingredient that keeps businesses from becoming a commodity.  In today’s market place creativity drives customer loyalty.  According to Wahl, somewhere between the time we put our crayons down and the point we become adults our creative side yields to our more logical and practical side.

It is our logical side that stifles creativity.  Playing it safe and doing what we we’ve always done is no longer good enough.

Today’s business world is like a game of “Fear Factor”.  We must constantly be challenging our fears and be willing to step out of our comfort zone.

By creating disruptive strategies are the difference between success and failure.  Think outside the box and play your own game of Fear Factor and you might just be surprised at what happens.


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