Day 3 Post Chemo – The Log Jam

This post isn’t for the faint of heart. If you are easily offended, have a weak stomach, or are generally a political correct snow flake please quit reading now as you are going to be sickened and offended by the post.

As I explained yesterday, most of my medical team explained the day 2 and 3 post chemo could be horrible. The things they were more worried about where diarrhea and nausea, followed by constipation. Given the choice to pick your poison so to speak I think most would pick constipation. I may be the exception to that rule. As I have begun to “reach my golden years” taking a proverbial dump has become more challenging. In fact I even mentioned to the nurse a little diarrhea may do me some good. She looked at me and “said you don’t want this diarrhea”.

So after a really good day 2, I mean really good, absolutely no nausea, no diarrhea, and no flu-like feelings I am thinking I have this thing beat as it relates to side effects. So a carry on with the day very happy and head over to the cancer center for some blood work and a hydration injection. As Sara, my nurse, and I are talking she said that I seem to be handling the chemo well but watch out cause day 3 could be really bad and make sure I stay ahead of any nausea. No mention of the constipation.

So as day two starts to roll to an end I am becoming extremely uncomfortable. Like Roberto Duran in his famous “No Mas” fight with Ray Leonard. Veronica is looking at me like she is becoming very worried and is asking what she can do. “Pray for me to take a shit” is my response. It is now after 10:00 PM and she concludes she needs to do something. This is the point where a marriage hits a new level. She grabs my hand and says honey “I am going to see if I can find a pharmacy and try to find you an enema.” Having a tube shoved up my ass at 11:00 PM isn’t the highest thing on my priority list at this point in the night. However taking a poop is very high on the list. So I thank her and off she goes. About a half hour later she returns with something the looks very similar to the picture on the right. After we both read the instruction we decide to give it a try. Again my marriage is on a new plane today. I assume the enema position and Veronica begins shoving the “comfort” cap where the sun don’t shine, and pushing in the liquid.

The directions say with in 5 minutes there should be a strong urge to go. So I wait and nothing is really happening, Then at the 5 minute mark the urge hits, a jump to the toilet and have what I will call a junior varsity bowl movement. None the less it did provide a degree of relief and these junior varsity movement have continued through out the short night. Needless to say a night with out much sleep.

Day 3 is off to an interesting start to say the least. If anyone has any ideas other than drinking a case of cheap beer and waiting for morning I am all ears. In the mean time I am hoping for a little diarrhea from day 3.


  1. I will ask Janice because I can’t remember but ALWAYS check in with your medical team or your cancer binder. That being said, I know that Miralax helps and there is a prescription med that you can take. Will get back to you on that one.

  2. Deviled eggs (un-refridgerated) always seem to do the trick for me…

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