Cancer You are a Funny Little Bastard

So it seems as if I haven’t written in forever. If everyone remember my last blog, The Log Jam, we all know cancer and cancer treatments come with all sorts of side effects. While needless to say the Log Jam broke loose on Saturday and I’ve enjoyed a relatively pain-free existence since then. However today the little bastard threw me for a loop. Literally on Saturday I was willing to shove a firehose up my ass and let the water rip for some sort of relief. Today the role is reversed, there seems to be a firehose hanging out my ass spraying diarrhea almost hourly. WTF? I just need it to stop.

Any way I need to take this out of the gutter, as my mother reads the blog.

Today was an interesting day, bar the above mentioned matter the morning was fairly good. Kind of like the flu, things start off well and slowly decline though out the day. By 10:00 AM things were starting to decline. It is the lack of energy that is really getting to me. I wouldn’t classify my self as a bundle of energy however I’ve alway been able to start at the crack of dawn and go into the evening.

This might be the hardest thing I am dealing with, the fact that for the last 20 -25 years I’ve traveled every day, literally being in multiple states and cities every week to being trapped to a 9500 sq. ft. lot. It begins to play with your head. But this like everything else shall pass.

The good news of the day was I had my follow up with my Thoracic Surgeon. Seth gave me a pretty clean bill of health, or as clean as one could expect. I can drive, light travel, lift, and believe it or not can now play the piano.

Tomorrow promises to be interesting as I have a meeting with my Oncologist. As I’ve mentioned Chemo has been a series of ups and downs. Honestly I thought is would be a littler tougher. The bad days suck, but the good days are good. Just need to keep focus and not let the bad days dominate. As my wife reminds me daily the choice is mine to fight through the bad or sit on the couch or lay in bed and be miserable.

By the way thanks to my brother Greg, Lauren and Courtney for coming up to the ORD this weekend. Enjoyed the time together and especially celebrating Lauren’s 18th birthday.

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