Did You Put Away Your Crayons?

Crayons are funny things, we’ve all used them, and most of us have concluded that they just don’t fit into our lives at some point.  According the Graffiti Artist Erik Wahl we should all still be using are crayons. As the world quickly changes, creativity is becoming the most precious asset any business can have. […]

When Size Really Matters!

What does the person that has everything need to seperate themselves from the rest of us to?  How about your very own IMAX home theater system.  That’s right an IMAX theater in your home.  At $2,000,000 I am confident most of us won’t be watching Monday Night Football on one of these any time soon. […]

How Real Estate Auctions Work

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in the near future, it’s important to learn how real estate auctions work.  The three main segments of real estate auctions are listing, selling and closing. Listing The property listing for an auction sale is an exclusive arrangement with the auctioneer/broker and this exclusivity typically is […]

Got $100 Million + to Spend Here are Two Options

Location is everything in Real Estate and this point is driven home more and more every day in my business.  Another eternal truth is different markets command different prices.  However with the recent press about the Greenwich, CT listing hitting the market at $190 Million I can’t help but compare these two properties.  What do […]

malibu estate for auction

Upcoming Malibu Auction

Upcoming real estate auction in Malibu California   May 20th, 2013 A one of a kind compound located northwest of LA is the affluent beachfront community of Malibu California.  Malibu is famous for its warm, sandy beaches including Surfrider Beach Malibu Beach, Topanga Beach and Zuma Beach.  It is also the home to many of Hollywood’s […]

Historic Virginia Home to be Auctioned May 28th

  Tuesday, May 28th is the date that the historic Virginia home at 677 Crosshills Road in Wicomico Church will be auctioned.  This 6,200 square-foot home on over 32 acres was originally priced at $3.2 million and now has a $1.8 million reserve.  The home itself was originally established around 1790 by William Blackersby and […]

The Quintessential Historic American Estate

Memorial Day is a quintessential American Holiday.  Originally a day set aside to remember both the Union and Confederate Soliders who gave there lives fighting the Civil War. About 100 years before the first shots of the Civil War where fired, some of the first settlers of the new world were farming the Northern Neck […]

Dumb things Overheard or Seen While Traveling

I’ve been debating doing this for a while.  I travel on almost a daily basis, literally.  Typically 3 – 5 flights per week and 4 nights in a hotel.  One of the interesting things about traveling so much is I get to experience people, a lot of people.  And as is typical with travel many […]