The Days After

The days after Chemo seem to be the toughest. Not so much the side effects, for the most part we have those under control thanks to my wife. It is the emotional roller coaster. I have never really been a touch feely kind of guy but there is something about Chemo that causes me to […]

Random Acts of Kindness October 13, 2017

Hard to believe this is the sixth article in my Random Act of Kindness series. The generosity and caring of people has been and continues to be amazing. The week started off with a great visit by an old friend Maureen. He haven’t talked or seen each other in years but picked up right where […]

The Why

The proverbial “they” say you can accomplish anything if your “why” is big enough. From the day Dr. Krantz looked me in the eye and said “It’s cancer, stag 4 Lung Cancer and it is inoperable”, my why has been crystal clear. When I say my Why, it is the why I am going to […]

The Card

Well I am sure it comes up with every cancer patient. Half of states now permit the use of marijuana for recreational use or medical use. I think the subject comes up with every chemo patient, should marijuana be part of my treatment for side effects. Today the topic came up. I’ve never been a […]

Round 2!

Live from Chemo treatment room G822 it is the second round. Decided today that I am going to write live while going through me treatment. Hard to believe round 2 started today. It seems like only yesterday that I was pondering what was wrong with me and quite frankly cancer was pretty far down on […]

Q1 Results and Analysis

Today marks the end of the first round of chemotherapy. The plan is to do four rounds of Chemo followed by four rounds of immunotherapy than evaluate. I’ve learned a lot during the past three weeks. A lot about myself, a lot about my wife and family and a lot about Cancer and its treatments. […]

Random Acts of Kindness October 6, 2017

Well another week goes by, and the hits continue. I am truly overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of others. This week there are some goodies. On Monday, a group of people I used to work with in Austin sent me a goodie box. The box was full of cards and well wishes and just […]

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Hero is a word that I believe is used way to often today. Football players, Baseball players, and other athletes are often referred to as heroes. In my opinion they aren’t. According to Webster a hero is a: a) legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength b) an illustrious warrior c) a […]

Hair Today … Gone Tomorrow!

I think every cancer patient goes through the uneasiness of what it is going to be like to go bald. Not all chemotherapy causes hair loss, but I was all but guaranteed mine would. As with everything cancer related nobody can tell you when it is going to happen, just that most likely it will happen. […]