Top 10 Observations for the Week Ending 4/24/15

 1) What is it with Canada and Towers? CN Tower in Toronto, The Montreal Tower,   The Calgary Tower and The Vancouver Lookout. 2) Speaking of Towers, have you ever noticed the quality of a restaurant is inversely proportional to it’s elevation. 3) Speaking of Canada, this week some Canadian Soccer Mom threw me the finger…I didn’t […]

One of America’s Finest Homes Heads to Auction

Located high in the U.S. Rockies, Crested Butte is often called the last great ski town in America.  This title was confirmed when Crested Butte won the title as the number 1 Ski Town in the United States in Powder Magazine’s Ski Town Throw Down. It is only fitting that the best ski town in […]

Fuel Up and Fly In Susquehanna Landing

Nestled high above the Susquehanna River is a luxurious piece of land perfect for any flying enthusiast.  Located almost equidistant from New York City and Philadelphia Susquehanna Landing is the perfect get away for any pilot in the tri-state area. With 2 climate controlled hangers the property can easily play host to 6 planes.  The […]

Maison de Chenes Goes to Auction

Just off the coast of South Carolina, in the South Carolina Low Country lies the once untamed island first surveyed in 1663 by British Sea Capitan William Hilton.  Nearly 350 years since Capitan Hilton stumbled upon the island while sailing north from Barbados; Hilton Head has grown to become one the nation’s top vacation spots.  […]

The Best That We Can Do?

Anyone that travels for a living knows that traveling is a pain in the ass.  Plain and simple.  With all the technological advances in air travel one thing never ceases to amaze me, how airlines handle bags. I am a firm believer that there are two kinds of bags in airline terms.  Carry on and […]