Random Acts of Kindness November 3, 2017

So its been a while since I’ve sat down to write another blog. It’s a long story, but the bottom line is I haven’t had the energy to write, the physical energy or the mental energy. Each time I have a good day and think I’m turning the corner, BAM I get hit in the […]

Day Three

It’s been three days since we called the audible. In all honesty I can’t say that I feel any different but I am sure it is too early to tell. What I do know is after my treatment they gave me some blood that was supposed to improve my hemoglobin thus improving my fatigue and […]

Omaha Omaha

Any fan of the NFL knows that Payton Manning made the word or city Omaha famous. He had a unique ability to come to the line of scrimmage, observe the defense, and change the play to exploit any weakness. Often this process would take a little time and the play clock would be winding down. […]

Better Late Than Never

Well at 6:51 PM I got the call. It was the call I expected on Friday but I’ll take it on Sunday. As they say it’s better late than never. So as I wrote on Friday there was only one result that I was going to call a win and that result was that the […]

Random Acts of Kindness October 27, 2017

Well once again the kindness shown to me this week has been awesome. Anybody that follows me on Facebook knows the highlight of my week. For those that don’t know on Thursday afternoon, my phone rang and on the other end of the line was none other than the Blonde Bomber – Terry Bradshaw. For […]

The Cone of Silence Vs. The Tube of Truth

Well today is the day. The day I should find out if the current treatment plan is working. Needless to say a day like to today is a day of pins and needles. The silence of just going through the treatments ignorantly, doing what you’re told to do has a certain appeal. There is no […]

Scanxiety & Rock Bottom

This is a big week for me. It is the final week in my second cycle of Chemotherapy and most importantly on Friday I will know if the current treatment plan is working. This test is a double-edged sword, on the one hand I am excited to know that things are going as planned. On […]

Random Acts of Kindness October 20, 2017

As you know the past week was a little rough so this week’s RAK post is a little late. Just like the previous weeks once again I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of people. A couple of really cool things happened this week. I received a couple of letters. Letters always put a smile […]

Good Times Bad Times

I’ve really learned to have a weird appreciation for the bad days. If you been following this week has really been one of the worst on so many levels. Mostly mentally. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is the bad days that will build the strength needed to get through the fight, it is […]

Just When I Thought it was Over!

If you’ve been following my ramblings you know that a week ago I started my  second cycle of Chemotherapy. I say cycle because that actual drug is pretty much child’s play compared to what happens after the drug treatment is finished. I am not going to recycle my story on how round two started but […]