Top Ten Observations of Week 1 2017

A new year brings a whole new set of experiences and a new set of observations. 10) Connecting with Family during the Holidays is always the best part, I need to make sure it isn’t a once a year event. 9) Steubenville OH has the best Pizza in the world bar none. 8) Flying with […]

Thoughts For July 4th

It comes every year and for the last 240 years July 4th has meant something special to not only us here in the United States but to many longing freedom around the globe. Most don’t know or have forgotten the Second Continental Congress approved the Resolution of Independence. After passing the resolution the group turned […]

Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate Market Through June 2016

As 2016 enters its second half now would be a good time to take a look and see how the Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate market is performing. uncertainty is never good for market in general and real estate is no exception. Global conditions are effecting the high-end through out Arizona.  Geo-Political uncertainty, Decreasing Energy Markets, […]

Italian Countryside Meets Austin Texas Artisans

One of a kind is a phrase used often in the Real Estate world.  However it isn’t often that a truly one of a kind property comes on the market, and less often that bidder interest is going to set the price.  However this unique combination is what is going to happen on beginning on […]

Top Ten List for the First Half of 2016

The first half of 2016 is behind us and time keeps moving forward there have been plenty of lessons learned so far this year. So here we go the top 10 Observations of 2016 so far … 10) Time truly flies with age 9) The older I get the more I enjoy my childhood punishments, […]

Vahalla Lodge Michigan

Valhalla Lodge – Where Norse Mythology meets Reality

    In ancient Norse Mythology Valhalla is a majestic place where chosen warriors slain in battle go to spend eternity.  Pictures of great Viking Warriors race through the mind when one thinks of the special place nestled away where only the few chosen can enter. On September 26 such a place is within reach […]

It’s Good to be The King

It has been said that a man’s home is his castle.  Never has the expression been more true than with 612 Rivercrest Drive in McLean, Va. Ideally positioned above the Potomac River, the grandeur of this one of a kind home meets you at the door, 14 feet of hand carved mahogany doors give way […]

When The Market Says “SO WHAT!”

In 1908 the National Association of Realtors was founded.  Shortly there after the Association adopted its code of ethics. My guess is some time shortly after that the practice of the “Price Reduction” became part of the standard operating procedure of most Realtors. Price reductions are often the golden arrow in an agents quiver.  However […]

Observations of the Week Ending May 8th 2015

From Airplanes to Airports, from Lamb Chops to Manhattan’s here are this week’s top 10 Observations: 1) Ever notice that every airplane still has ash trays, but not every plane has a power source or WIFI? 2) You know the quality of your Manhattan is going to be very suspect when the server asks if […]

Top 10 Observations of the Week ending May 1, 2015

Travel dominates this week’s top ten list, here we go: 1) Have you ever noticed that the number of small pets a woman carries through the airport is directly proportional to her waist size? 2) There is something very un-American about an airline called American when they don’t serve Bourbon on their flights – especially […]