Better Late Than Never

Well at 6:51 PM I got the call. It was the call I expected on Friday but I’ll take it on Sunday. As they say it’s better late than never.

So as I wrote on Friday there was only one result that I was going to call a win and that result was that the cancer was shrinking. Well I wish I could say that was the news that I got. However it’s not. The news wasn’t all bad.

The doctor explained that the scan showed no new cancer, which he told me he would consider a positive. However he used the words plumper to describe the condition of my lymph nodes in my chest. When asked what that means, he said you know plumper, hey doc, I don’t know. When I hear the words plumper I can only think of a Thanksgiving Butterball, where I would think plumper is a good thing. My mom’s turkey is plumper than your mom’s turkey. When I looked for google images to describe plumper the only thing that came up was images of plus sized models.

So here is the way I am reading the results, if we are grading it like we would an academic exam, I would grade it a C-. It is a passing grade, but it’s not anything to write home about. As the doctor said the Chemo isn’t a home run, no shit. So the research team is going to take some measurements to find out exactly how much plumper the lymph nodes are, and then we will evaluate treatment going forward. The best news is we haven’t tried immunotherapy yet and that is probably the audible that will be made if that is the action that seems appropriate.

Well I was asked after the call where my head is, as expected I am not doing the happy dance. Relatively speaking things have been going as good as could have been expected. This is definitely a bump in the road but we have options. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear when I got the news, I did.But just like everything since this thing started I have two options:

The first is woe is me and curl up in a fetal position and wait to die.

The second is keep doing what I am doing, continue to pray, continue to keep a positive attitude and look at the bright side. In reality there was a lot of good news – the cancer hasn’t spread and we have other treatment options. Quite frankly the immunotherapy option is supposedly a lot friendlier to the patient than Chemo, and I ain’t going to complain about a friendlier option.

Bottom line is I am still on the ramp. There are two other monkeys that are very nervous that I am there. So my lunch is packed and I am in for the long haul.





  1. If anyone could get through it. It’s you jeff. We are with you, sending hope and prayer from Bangladesh!

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